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Accounts and Annual Return 2016-17

In compliance with the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities, dated December 2014 the Council will publish on its website on an annual basis the governance and financial statements in the Annual Return, together with the Statement of Receipts and Payments and the Bank Reconciliation.  Please see the Documents page of this site to view the financial statements approved in previous financial years.

Any queries and applications to view the accounts should be addressed to the Clerk using the contact details provided on this website.


Notice of date of commencement of period for the exercise of public rights Notice of publication of unaudited accounts 2016-17.

Annual Return 2016-17 Unaudited Annual Return 2016-17 Please note that this document has been submitted to External Audit and may be subject to change.

Annual Governance Statement 2016-17 Governance Statement 2016-17

Supporting Evidence 2016-17 Annual Return supporting evidence

Accounting Statements 2016-17 Unaudited Accounts 2016-17 Please note that this document has been submitted to External Audit and may be subject to change.

Internal auditors report 2016-17 Internal auditors report 2016-17


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Warwickshire Local Welfare Summer Scheme

The Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme helps the most vulnerable residents at times of unavoidable crisis.

It provides basic and essential help for food and energy. This is provided either in emergency food parcels or with credit for energy. It is not a cash benefit­.

The Scheme also provides help to those whose needs are more long term, who are vulnerable through an ongoing set of circumstances rather than an immediate crisis.

This includes people that are care leavers, victims of domestic violence, former armed forces personnel, or those resettling in a community after a custodial term. Help might take the form of help in furnishing accommodation with basic furniture and appliances.

The Local Welfare Scheme will also signpost customers in the direction of other agencies and organisations who can offer help and support.

We also recognise that some families who are struggling financially and are eligible for free school meals have difficulty covering the 6 or 7 week period when their children are off school in the summer.

This Scheme is therefore an opportunity to reach and help those most in need this summer, by supporting families with the cost of food for their children over the summer holidays.

The eligibility criterion for this offer over the summer holidays is that parents are registered for free school meals (not universal FSM) before 14th July 2017.

All partners are being asked to identify any parents who meet the eligibility criteria and refer them to the Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme.

The telephone contact number is 0800 408 1448 or 01926 359182. Applications can be made by yourself or the customer. When calling, please make reference to the eligibility for free school meals and explain how the customer is struggling financially. If you are asking the customer to call and apply themselves, could you please ask that they also provide the above information.

In the meantime, if you have any questions on any of the above please contact Leanne Silverwood on either of the above numbers of via email

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Results of the Joint Village Event and Trim Trail Surveys’

Thank you to all those residents who took the time to complete either or both or the consultation surveys carried out recently.  The results of the consultation will help guide the decisions that the Parish Council will on both issues in the near future.

Joint Village Event – highlights from a total of 38 responses

  • 35 of which (92%) thought that it was something that the village definitely or probably needed
  • 34 people were extremely likely or likely to attend the event
  • 25 people thought the event would be best held on a Saturday
  • 33 people (86. %) thought there should be something for everyone at the event
  • 27 people prefer a traditional village fete. 15 would like a home grown produce show
    • 5 comments from people who would like to see a combination of all the choices listed
  • Activities preferred were very evenly spread however 15 people gave written responses in favour of a combination of all activities
  • 28 people considered that dogs should be allowed on to the field to participate in a family dog show
  • 31 people thought that any profit should be kept by the parish councils to use in the villages.
  • 9 people are willing to help before the event
  • 7 people are willing to help at the event

The full survey report can be read here. RESULTS OF THE ADULT TRIM TRAIL SURVEY 2017

Adult Trim Trail survey – highlights from a total of 54 responses

  • 40 (75%) of people thought that the installation of a trim trail was a good idea
  • Views on the location for the trim trail were fairly evenly split with 24 preferring it to be near the childrens play area and 22, in another part of the playing field
  • A couple of responses preferring gaps between equipment to encourage walking

35 people preferred the trim trail to consist of pieces of gym equipment rather than wooden poles

The full survey report can be read here. RESULTS OF THE ADULT TRIM TRAIL SURVEY 2017


Home Compost Bins – special offers from Warwickshire County Council

Food and garden waste should be kept out of the residual grey bin where possible for environmental and financial reasons.  However, there is some food waste that is unavoidable such as vegetable peelings.  Here are some ways to recycle the unavoidable food waste at home depending on the amount of food waste you think you create at home.

Mainly food waste

Green coneGreen cones are the best way to compost your food waste if you don’t have much garden waste to mix it with.  They can take all food waste including meat, dairy and fish.


Green cones are available to buy from WCC for £20.00.


50% food waste, 50% garden waste

Green Johanna If you produce an equal amount of food and garden waste, we would recommend a hot bin such as the Green Johanna.  It will safely compost all food and garden waste including meat, dairy and fish.  It does require an equal mix of garden and food waste to produce good compost.

Green Johannas are available to buy from WCC for £30.00


Mainly garden waste with a small amount of food waste

If you produce a lot of garden waste and only a small amount of food waste a cold compost bin is the best option. Composter You can’t compost meat, dairy or fish but the cold compost will be able to cope better with a higher mix of garden waste.

Cold compost bins are available to buy from WCC for £10.00.

For more information on how to purchase any of the compost bins please visit or call us on 01926 412593.


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Chairs Annual Report – 2016-17


I am further encouraged by the progress that we have made this year. I would again like to thank all of the parish councillors who, despite their full-time jobs and voluntary commitments, give their time freely and work hard for the benefit of the village throughout the year. I would also like to thank our Borough Councillor Leigh Hunt and County Councillor Philip Morris-Jones for the support they continue to show for the village. The Parish Council has achieved a great deal over the past 12 months:


  • Elections in May – 6 Members were elected unopposed – The Parish was divided into 2 Parish Wards: Clifton upon Dunsmore and Radio Station (which has 1 Member at present).
  • Sale of Air Raid Shelter – the proceeds from which will contribute towards the refurbishment of the playground and enhance other assets of the village

Policies created by the parish council to further strengthen accountability

  • Adoption of the General Power of Competence for the term of the council
  • Development of Community Grants policy and application process for local groups

Additional savings made this year

  • Significant financial savings made by the re-negotiation of a new 3 year insurance policy
  • Purchase of new Laptop, external hard drive and Printer (via successful grant application £565)
  • Defibrillator (via successful grant application £1700)

Increased communication – delivered to each household

  • Development of a 5-year plan
  • Regular Parish Council newsletters to inform residents of upcoming actions and events

Community engagement

  • Litter Picks November 2016 and March 2017 (Great British Spring Clean)
  • Creation of the parish Conservation Group. Activities included: flower festival / churchyard improvements/bulb planting etc
  • Christmas festivities – Tree and Community Carol singing
  • Training sessions for the defibrillator was made available to all residents


  • Created formal lines of communication with Newton Parish Council
  • Invitations accepted by speakers to attend meetings: Urban & Civic, RBC Local Plan Team, Traffic Calming, WCC Ground Based Solar Farm, Travellers policing team

Caring for our community

  • Resolution to refurbish play equipment (grant funding application in progress)
  • Commenced development of a Community Emergency Plan for the parish
  • Refurbishment of the car park
  • Defibrillator training day
  • Traffic Calming scheme – any day now!
  • Bi-annual Village walks to identify and rectify local issues
  • Strengthening playing fields security
  • Strengthening safeguarding of pavilion

Challenges met this year

  • Travellers were negotiated off the playing field, at no cost to the parish
  • Vandalism at the Pavilion over the summer – extra security installed
  • Reduction in the amount of Council Tax Support Grant paid to parishes
  • Old street lighting in need of updating/renewal – strategy still in planning stage

A reminder that we are currently in the process of putting together the makings of a summer fair which we plan to take place on Saturday 9 September. We are interested in collaborating with residents to help make this event as successful as possible and welcome any offers of help.

The parish council thanks those villagers who are attending parish council meetings, providing written feedback, and responding to questionnaires in increasing numbers to inform the thinking of the work that the councillors undertake. We sincerely hope that this trend continues so that we are able to address the many varied local concerns that arise.

Financial report 2016-17

The Annual Parish Meeting is held just prior to the end of the financial year. It has therefore not been possible to submit the final accounts for the year 2016-17 to support the Annual Report.

I anticipate that this will have taken place by the next parish council meeting on 3 April 2017 in the meantime; I shall present an overview of the accounts as we currently understand them. I should confirm that the accounts will be subject to the Annual Return Internal and External Audit process in June 2017, and will be available to anyone who wishes to see them during the period of public inspection.

In the meantime; the parish council began the year with £21,202 in the bank; of which around £2,570 is earmarked for the replacement of play equipment.

For the financial year 2016-17 the parish council received £23,252 in precept from the Borough Council. We also received monies from the football clubs’ use of the playing fields, from the allotments and grazing fields and we have received around £2,265 in grant funding.

The sale of the site of the former Air Raid Shelter in Church Street in April 2016 has provided the Parish Council with £64,950.  The Members agreed that 10% of the net sale will go into the Councils General Reserve to increase financial resilience and the remainder (£58,455) earmarked for the improvement of existing community facilities or purchase new facilities for the benefit of the community.

Significant outgoings this year are for the usual costs of running the parish council meetings, street lighting costs, insurance and maintenance costs associated with the pavilion, playing fields and street lighting. The cost of the refurbishment of the car park in Lilbourne Road amounted to around £8.2k.

Having started the year with funds available of £21,202 we are likely to have finished the year with a bank balance of around £81, 534.

Marion Nash
Chair – Clifton upon Dunsmore Parish Council
27 March 2017

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Clifton Tennis Club – Fees for new members slashed

Tennis ClubThe weather is improving, the nights getting lighter and the tennis season is about to start. If you would like to try your hand at tennis then Clifton Tennis Club is offering some great deals this year so don’t miss out. The Club has slashed its annual membership for new members; Junior £10, Intermediate (16 to 20 years) £10, Adult £35 and Family £60.

Social tennis is available on Thursdays evenings from 6.00 pm, contact Steve Woodford on 01788 561996. If you do not want to commit to joining the club before you have tried our social tennis then just come along on Thursday evening and have a couple of weeks for free before deciding.

Club sessions are also held on Tuesdays from 5.30 pm where there are opportunities to play league standard tennis and to be selected for the Club’s teams. Contact James Waghorn on 01788 570794.

Sue Robinson will be running junior tennis coaching again this year. Please contact Sue on 01788 567222 or Steve Woodford on 01788 561996 if you are interested.

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Come along and learn how to save a life.

Rugby First Responders 2017 Logo Hi-ResThe Parish Council is organising 2 awareness sessions, to be run by Rugby First Responders at the Townend Memorial Hall in Clifton upon Dunsmore on Saturday 25 March 2017.

The sessions will demonstrate life saving skills such as CPR, choking, recovery position etc and  show residents how the new Community Defibrillator works. dEFIB

The sessions will run at 10am and 11.15am. Please book a place to avoid disappointment by contacted the Clerk here or by telephoning 07786 102789.

Refreshments will be served between 10.45 and 11.15am, with an opportunity to complete the residents surveys on the proposed Joint Village Event and the proposed Adult Trim Trail.

Please note that the sessions are considered suitable for people aged 12 years and over.