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Construction vehicles using the village

Following a report made at a recent Parish Council meeting, the Parish Council has contacted the Contractor responsible for the construction of the new Link Road again; expressing concerns at the number of large vehicles using the village to access the site at Hillmorton Lane.

The response from the Contractor (Galliford Try) was positive however, we have been asked to provide evidence of vehicle registrations, days and times etc to assist with tracing the offenders.  If anyone spots large construction vehicles using the village in connection with the new Link Road it would be very helpful if you could please provide the Parish Council with this type of evidence. Please contact the Clerk on: .

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Traffic Calming update – November 2017

Update from Borough Councillor Leigh Hunt

The new WCC officer who is dealing with the traffic calming has done a lot of work in a very short time. A meeting took place with the Chair of the Parish Council and your Borough and County Councillors, together with Warwickshire County Council officers on 20th October.

There was extensive discussion about street lighting requirements. Any speed hump in a 30Mph area requires lighting. 20Mph zones don’t require lighting, but it may be provided if a safety audit shows this is necessary.

There are two humps in the scheme in the 30Mph zone on Newton Road. The cost of providing street lighting is prohibitive, so these two humps will be removed, and the money used elsewhere.

WCC will provide new LED lighting to Rugby Road, Main Street, Church Street, parts of Lilbourne Road and Hillmorton Lane, and South Road. These may be subject to partial night lighting (in other words some of the lights may be turned off at night).

WCC would have liked to provide lighting to North Road, but in order for WCC to adopt the lights underground Low Voltage power would need to be provided – and this could cost around £100,000! The Parish Council can provide overhead LED lighting to the area at their own cost, without the same power requirements.

The lighting will be the first thing to go in, and this could start before Xmas, depending on the availability of supplies.

There will also be illuminated signs at the start of the 20Mph zone at all 4 entrances to the village. WCC are also going to include village gateways in the scheme (at their cost) and parish councillors have been looking at different designs. This is a bonus as the parish council had agreed at the last meeting to provide these. The gateway features could happen quite quickly.

The revised detailed design is being worked up, and there there should be a stage 2 safety audit before Xmas, with the orders to be placed early in 2018. More details on these will be provided when available.

There will be road closures whilst the works are ongoing, and details will be given as soon as they are known. These will cause inconvenience for village residents, but might deter some of the rat-running that we’ve been seeing increasingly of late.

There was also discussion about the placement of bollards in the vicinity of the raised junction at Main Street/Lilbourne Road and Church Street. We have asked WCC to investigate if it is possible to omit some bollards from the scheme so as to allow the cars from the cottages near the TMH to continue to park on the apron outside their homes. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen as the road will be at the same height as the pavement, so the bollards are needed for safety reasons.

Further details will be published as they become available.

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Winter Gritting Routes

Warwickshire County Council has once again published maps  containing information on the network of local roads which are gritted during icy conditions.

Winter Gritting Routes (002)

More information on the  Gritting Service can be found on Warwickshire County Council website

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M1 Overnight closures

M1 Overnight closures 
uk-motorway-signOverhead gantries are being installed on the M1 between J16 and 19 and for safety reasons the motorway will be closed on the following dates: 3rd-5th April (Northbound), 10th April (Southbound), 15th-16th May (Southbound), 17th May (Northbound) 23rd May (Southbound).

The M1 is also being resurfaced between J19 and J16 –  11th-12th March J18-19 (northbound), 13th-16th March J19-18 (southbound), 18th-19th March J18-19 (northbound), 20th-23rd March J18-16 (southbound), 25-26th March J18 -19 (northbound), 1st-2nd April J19-18 (southbound).

During these times traffic will be diverted on to the A5 so please allow extra time to travel of find an alternative route.

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Car park refurbishment – update

The Parish Council is planning to refurbish the surface of the car park on Lilbourne Road,  The works will start during week beginning 16 January 2017.

The works (installation of an Ecogrid surface) are likely to take several days to complete, during which time the car park will be closed to all vehicles.

Please accept our apologies for the temporary inconvenience caused due to the closure; which will hopefully improve the facility in the long term.

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Traffic Calming Scheme consultation commences on 12 January 2017

Warwickshire County Council are opening the consultation period on the amended traffic calming scheme on 12 January 2017.  Any comments on the proposals must be submitted to at the County Council by 3 February 2017.

Minor changes have been made to the proposals:

  • on Lilbourne Rd between the Manor and the raised junction by the church,
  • on Main St from the raised junction to before the school, and
  • on Church st from the raised junction to around the graveyard.

Mainly this is changing S humps into bumps, but at the entrance to the village on Newton Road a new S hump has been introduced.

A copy of the formal notice can be view here.


A copy of the plan of the proposals can be viewed here.