Clifton and Newton Cemetery – Joint Burial Committee

Clifton and Newton Cemetery is located on Newton Road, Clifton upon Dunsmore, in a peaceful location, which has views across the Avon flood plain.

The closed section of the cemetery from the lychgate to the first hedge is owned and maintained by Rugby Borough Council. This area contains some commonwealth war graves.

The open cemetery is owned and managed by the Clifton and Newton Joint Burial Committee, which is formed of Members of both Clifton and Newton Parish Councils. The cemetery area is largely consecrated ground, however there is an area which is not consecrated which is available for secular burials. The committee meet on a regular basis to discuss the upkeep of the cemetery and ensure it is maintained to a high standard. A groundsman is employed to keep it looking tidy throughout the year.

Cemetery plots are available to purchase for the burial of earthen or cremated remains of those who were resident at Clifton and Newton parishes at or near to the time of their death or who have family connections to the cemetery. Full earthen burials now take place in the new area beyond the hedge. Ashes plots are in the older sections of the cemetery where the area of un-consecrated ground is and available for both types of interment. Advance purchase of any plot is not available.

Fees from £300 for a new plot or from £175 to re-open an existing grave.

For all enquiries about the Cemetery, or to report an issue of concern please contact:

Kristy Gaskell – Clerk to the Clifton and Newton Joint Burial Committee
• Email:
• Phone: 01788 801826 / 07432 111309
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Joint Burial Committee Annual Report 2017-18

The Joint Burial Committee meet on a regular basis and have ongoing action plans to cover key aspects of ensuring the cemetery is maintained to a high standard. We said goodbye to Liz Harvey our clerk who performed a magnificent job especially updating the records electronically. Our new clerk details can be found above. Finances are stable with a budget in place to cover running costs. The committee have agreed a number of actions for the year which include:
 Repairs to pathways
 Provision of new water supply
 Maintenance of Lychgate
 Renovation of noticeboard
 Maintain extension area ready for use