Planning Matters

Planning Applications

Clifton upon Dunsmore  Parish Council is formally consulted on any planning applications submitted to the planning authority (Rugby Borough Council) which relate to the parish, during the planning application process.

The Parish Council considers its views on any planning applications at its monthly meetings.  However any resident can now express their personal views at the touch of a button through the link provided here.

Current applications being considered:

  • R16/2449 – Clifton Cruisers  – Re-opening of disused canal arm, relocation of offices, laying of access tracks and associated works (retrospective)
  • R17/0022 Radio Station Rugby – Section 73 application (minor changes to the original masterplan for the whole site)
  • R16/2195 Reserved Matters 186 dwellings Radio Station Rugby Key Phase 2 (Parcel D)
  • R16/1638 Radio Station Rugby – reserved matters construction of a link road
  • R16/1655 – Radio Station Rugby (Key stage 2) – Reserved Matters
  • R15/1702 – Outline permission for 380 dwelling and full permission for 88 dwellings – land at Wharf Farm Crick Road Hillmorton 
  • R17/0390 – Radio Station Rugby – Reserved Matters, mainly relating to Clifton Brook
  • R17/0858 – 44 North Road.  Extensions and alterations to dwelling to form Granny Annexe
  • R17/0567 – Twiggets Lodge Farm Building. Material amendments
  • R17/1070 – The Stable, 3 Brooklands. Resubmission of approval plan to include garage and storage
  • R17/1127 – Clifton Court Nursing Home. Variation to conditions of approved plans.
  • R17/1230 – Clifton Court Nursing Home – Formation of additional parking area and erection of a storage shed
  • R17/1237  – Rugby Radio Station (key phase 2)  Provision of an electricity sub-station, landscaping works and hardstanding (part of application approved R17/0022)
  • R17/1234 – 3 Whiley Close. Erection of a single storey rear extension
  • R17/1297  Rugby Radio Station.Reserved matters approval (appearance,  landscape, layout and associated works for wildlife conservation) under R17/0022 approved on 28 June 2017.
  • R17/1285 Rugby Radion Station. Approval of appearance landscaping, layout etc for the formal open space and play areas near to Dollman Farmhouse.
  • R17/1391 1 The Elms Paddock – Erection of single storey side extension
  • R17/1059  Units 1-2 The Locks – Change of use to D2 Fitness Training sessions

Decision Notices
R16/1488 –  2 Main Street – Replacement single dwelling

R16/0566 – The Old Hall – Listed Building Consent

R17/0170  – Land at Manor Lane – Erection of a dwelling

Major Development – Radio Station Rugby

The Rugby Radio Station site is a former radio transmission facility located off the A5.  Following decommissioning in 2003, BT and Aviva formed a joint venture, the Rugby Radio Station Limited Partnership (RRSLP), to promote the redevelopment of the Rugby Radio Station site.

In 2012 RRSLP went to the open market to select a development partner for the 1,170 acre SUE site and, following a competitive process, Urban&Civic was confirmed as the preferred partner in May 2013 since which time we have taken forward the outline planning application.

Rugby Borough Council granted outline planning permission in May 2014 and the Key Phase 1 information is currently before them for approval.

Once the world’s most powerful radio transmitter, reaching out to people across the globe – RadioStation Rugby will now connect people in whole new ways as the site’s legacy underpins its future. 6,200 new homes, 3 primary and one secondary school will be built as well as a new health centre and other community buildings and local centres.

There will be over 200 hectares of open space and nearly 14 km of footpaths and cycle paths criss-crossing the site. Intriguing and inspiring stories fill the historic buildings on the site and their presence in the future district centre will connect modern living with a rich heritage and green landscape. This is Rugby’s new sustainable urban extension – this is RadioStation Rugby.

A new website ‘Come Home to Houlton’ has recently been launched by Urban&Civic.  The website provides detailed information about the development of the site.