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Fake Letter Boxes

Action Fraud alert

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has noticed an increase in reports of fraudsters placing fake letter boxes on residential properties in an attempt to harvest the mail. Residents are sometimes unaware of the fake letterbox as the fraudsters will periodically remove the item, which may leave notable markings. The mail is then used to open various lines of credit with financial providers in the name of the innocent resident.

Protect Yourself

  • Be vigilant and check for any suspicious activity, tampering of your post/letterbox or for suspicious glue markings on the wall.
  • Check all post received from financial institutions, even if it appears unsolicited.
  • Consider reporting theft of mail to your local police force and any cases of identity fraud to Action Fraud.
  • If you have been a victim of identity fraud consider Cifas Protection Registration (
  • If you, or anyone you know, has been affected by this fraud or any other scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting


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New Link Road Drop-In – Monday 4 July 2016

Radio Station planUrban&Civic the developers of Radio Station Rugby are holding a drop-in to view the detailed plans for the new Link Road which will begin next year.

The Drop-In session will take place at 6.30pm until 7.25pm on Monday 4 July at the Townsend Memorial Hall.

A representative of Urban&Civic will also be attending the Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm on the same evening, to provide a short presentation on the proposals at the start of the meeting.

Outline planning permission was granted in May 2014 and now a detailed planning application will be submitted shortly for the full road – running from Butlers Leap into the new development.

Investment from the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency is enabling the Link Road to be built well ahead of its original date and work is expected to begin in spring next year with completion by the end of 2018.


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Vacancy for a part time Clerk – Clifton & Newton Joint Burial Committee (CNJBC)

The CNJBC seeks a highly motivated, enthusiastic person to take on the post of a part time Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.

The Clerk is expected to work from home and attend at least one evening meeting every two months.

Duties will include: minute taking; correspondence; posting documents to the Parish Council website; management of accounts and audit procedures.

The post will have contact with bereaved families, funeral directors, grave diggers and a grounds man therefore excellent communication skills will be essential as well as a high degree of sensitivity and flexibility.

Good literacy and numeracy as well as good organisational and IT skills will also be required.  Previous experience within a similar role would be desirable but a willingness to learn would also be considered..

This is a part time post and should therefore not exceed more than 70 hrs per annum unless the need arises.  Pay will be based on an hourly rate of £7.20.

The closing date for applicants is 8th July 2016 with the successful applicant in post for the August meeting.

A full job description can  be viewed here JOB-DESCRIPTION-FOR-THE-CLERK – revised 20062016 


pleases contact Councillor Lesley Edwards (CNJBC member) on 07973849335 if you have any queries.


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Warning on counterfeit cheque fraud

Action Fraud alertAction Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau) warns that businesses are being contacted for the sale of goods or services by fraudsters, who request to pay by cheque. The fraudster sends a cheque with a higher value than the amount expected, and then sends the business a request for the difference with instructions on how it should be paid back. This is usually by bank transfer or through a money transfer service, such as Western Union or PaySafe. Once the ‘refund’ has been provided, it is realised that the cheque provided was fraudulent and no funds are credited to the business’s account.

The NFIB has seen an increase of 84% in the number of counterfeit cheque frauds reported to Action Fraud since November 2015. Criminals are targeting a wide range of services including paintings or other artwork, photography and lessons, with various amounts requested to be refunded. The average amount requested to be refunded is £1,818. The highest amount requested was over £80,000.

The suspects have used pressure tactics to persuade victims to refund the amounts immediately prior to the cheques clearing.

Crime Prevention Advice

* Be cautious of payments where the amount provided is higher than expected. Refuse to provide the service unless the correct balance is received or wait until the cheque has cleared before refunding the difference.
* Always contact banks on a trusted number found on their website or correspondence that is known to be authentic to confirm whether the cheque has cleared.
* Do not feel pressured to provide a refund before the cheque has cleared.

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Warwickshire Police urge people to enjoy the summer safely!

small-warwickshire (1)Summer has arrived and at last we can enjoy life in the great outdoors!

But a word of warning – as temperatures rise our homes and gardens can become hotspots for criminals, so before you head out take a few minutes to review your home security.

Make sure that gates, fences and walls are kept in good order to stop intruders getting in;

Consider defensive planting – use prickly plants around the perimeter of the garden to deter criminals;

If you are going out into the garden make sure that you lock and secure all doors and windows which are not in view;

Similarly, if you take garden tools out of the shed lock the door behind you to protect what is left inside;

Put things away at the end of the day – don’t leave anything out there which could either be stolen or used to break into your home;

If you go out make sure that you lock up. Don’t be tempted to leave windows ajar to let the air in – you could be letting burglars in too!

Ian King, crime prevention advisor for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, said:

“It’s so easy to become complacent with home security in summer. The sun is shining, you feel relaxed and you think it won’t matter if you leave a window at the back of the house open. But it can matter. There are criminals out there who aren’t as relaxed as you and just waiting for the opportunity to make off with your goods. Don’t make it easy for them – lock up.”

Community Safety

Alert – Job Searcher scammed

We have received news of a scam which is being used on people who are job searching.
A gentleman was telephoned with a job lead, he was asked to complete a job application which would be sent to him, the people scamming are saying they are from Job Centre +
After putting down the phone they are immediately phoned back and told that the JC+ worker has made a mistake and sent a parcel to their address by mistake and could they please sign for it and they’ll send a courier over immediately to pick it up and in return they’ll ensure that the gentleman gets an early interview for the job giving them the best opportunity to get the job with a recommendation that they are honest and exceptionally helpful if they complete the application and take it to the interview.
When the parcel arrives the job searcher signed for the parcel and then handed it over to the courier who gives over the application with the address for the interview on.
On attending at the site for the interview the gentleman was advised that there were no jobs being advertised and that someone else had also been scammed in exactly the same way.
On checking his bank account  the gentleman found he had apparently signed for 2 new phones and monthly contracts. The gentleman has now advised the police and the telephone companies.


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Notes of the Fosse Community Forum – 10 March 2016

Please find attached the minutes of the last Fosse Community Forum which took place on 10 March at Pailton Village Hall.
For your information, from June the Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) in Rugby Borough will be trialling an on line voting system for the selection of their local priorities. Each poll will be open for at least two weeks and will give a selection of current police issues for people to vote on, based on local evidence.  The votes will be counted  and the Police will take the top 2 with the third  priority being agreed at the Forum.   Where this is not possible, the SNT will focus on the top three priorities from the on-line vote.  Further information will be available from this link:
Also, you may be interested to read the Rugby Rural North SNT newsletter which can be found at:

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Proposal to introduce 7.5 tonne limits on various roads

Warwickshir e County Council are proposing to implement a Prohibition of Commercial Vehicles of Over 7.5 Tonnes Order on the followings lengths of road within Clifton upon Dunsmore, Newton and Biggin, Lilbourne, Brownsover and Coton Park, Rugby:
  • Coton Park Drive;
  • Boughton Road;
  • Newton Manor Lane;
  • Newton Road;
  • Main Street, Newton and Biggin;
  • Newton Lane;
  • Newton Road, Newton and Biggin;
  • Newton Road, Clifton upon Dunsmore;
  • Vicarage Hill;
  • Rugby Road;
  • Main Street, Clifton upon Dunsmore;
  • Church Street;
  • Lilbourne Road;
  • Hillmorton Lane;
  • The Kent.
Please find attached copies of the public notice and consultation plan for the proposal.
This scheme is being formally advertised in the local press on Thursday 02 June 2016. Notices will also be put up on site and residents directly affected by the proposals will be informed.
If you wish to make a comment please respond to me, any communication should be received by 24 June 2016.
Mark O’Connell
Principal Engineer
Traffic and Road Safety
Tel: 01926 412889

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Proposal to alter speed limits within Clifton upon Dunsmore

Warwickshire County Council are proposing to alter a number of speed limits within Clifton upon Dunsmore. The changes are explained below.
Lengths of the following roads will form a 20mph zone:
  • Allans Close;
  • Allans Lane;
  • Buckwell Lane;
  • Church Street;
  • The Elms Paddock;
  • Everard Close;
  • Goodacre Close;
  • Hadfield Close;
  • Hillmorton Lane;
  • Lilbourne Road;
  • Main Street;
  • Manor Lane;
  • Newton Road;
  • North Road;
  • Orwell Close;
  • Robertson Close;
  • Rugby Road;
  • Shuttleworth Road;
  • South Road;
  • Station Road;
  • Whiley Close.
Lengths of the following roads will be subject to a 30mph speed limit:
  • Hillmorton Lane;
  • Lilbourne Road;
  • Newton Road.
Lengths of the following roads will be subject to a 40mph speed limit:
  • Hillmorton Lane;
  • Lilbourne Road.
Please find attached copies of the public notice and consultation plan for the proposal.
This scheme is being formally advertised in the local press on Thursday 02 June 2016. Notices will also be put up on site and residents directly affected by the proposals will be informed.
If you wish to make a comment please respond to the consultation any communication should be received by 24 June 2016 to:
Mark O’Connell
Principal Engineer
Traffic and Road Safety
Tel: 01926 412889

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Notice of the commencement of the period for the exercise of public rights – Accounts 2015-16

The declaration of status of published accounts was published as of 1 June 2016.

The period of inspection will commence on 3 June 2016 until 14 July 2016.

For full details on how and where the accounts can be inspected please view the full declaration by using the link below..