Month: April 2018

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Clifton Neighbourhood Watch


There have been no reported crimes during the previous four weeks. The focus this month’s in on identity fraud. Here are some tips:

POST – Make sure your letter box is secure and no one can take your mail. When you throw away any letters, documents etc. shred them first if they have anything that is confidential e.g. date of birth, PIN, passwords, account details or any other personal information. Criminals can cause problems if they have your name, address and just one other item of personal information.

PHONE – Do not give anyone any personal information over the phone if they call you. To reduce scam calls etc. opt in to the Telephone Preference Service which should stop some calls. If you have a BT phone line opt in to BT Call Protect, BT will automatically block many known scam/nuisance calls and you can block any other calls you do not want. If you receive a call, and to reassure you they ask you to call them back do so from another phone e.g. your mobile. They can hold their call so irrespective of what number you dial they are still on the end of the line. Do not give any callers details of your PC, laptop, iPad etc. even if they say you have a fault on you broadband etc. and they are from BT, Microsoft, your broadband provider etc. If they gain remote access to your device they can steal all sorts of personal information.

COMPUTER/MOBILE – Do not give anyone any personal information, similar to POST and PHONE above. Be very wary of “phishing” eMails/texts, particularly if they ask you to click on a link or go to a website. These may be identified; if the senders address is not genuine e.g. , they are addressed to dear sir/madam/customer rather than you by name, or saying your eMail service is about to lapse click here to continue using your eMail address.

SOCIAL MEDIA – This can tell criminals a good deal about you and your life even if you have not given them access. If they have obtained your name and address from social media or elsewhere and they note you have said you are having a great time on the beach they will call at your house with a good chance you will be away and they can rummage around at leisure.

There is far more than this, so for more information go to and select CRIME AND SAFETY.

Please remember the MOBILE POLICE STATION is available for you in Lilbourne Rd; next visits 23rd May and 27th June 2018 from 11.00am to 12.00pm.

All households in the village are covered by Clifton NHW so there is no need to apply for membership. However, if you would like to take an active part in Clifton NHW please contact chairman David Glover on 01788 535574

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Clifton Tennis Club

The weather is improving, the nights getting lighter and the tennis season has started. If you would like to try your hand at tennis then Clifton Tennis Club is offering several opportunities for you this year; so don’t miss out.

You could join as an individual member or take advantage of the reduced cost of Family Membership. Either way you can enjoy playing 365 days of the year and you can choose to play when it suits you best, with no need to book a court in advance. You can of course enjoy the following as well.

Club sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.00 pm where there are opportunities to play social tennis with people of a similar standard from beginners to league standard players. If you do not want to commit to joining the club before you have tried our social tennis then just contact Steve Woodford on 01788 561996 or turn up at the courts at around 6.00 pm on Thursdays.

The Club is running a Men’s team and a Mixed Doubles team this year with the hope of being able to run a Ladies team soon. Contact James Waghorn 01788 570794 for the Men’s team or Sue Robinson on 07813 121 589 for the Mixed and Ladies teams.

If you are between 4 and 11 years of age Sue Robinson is running our junior coaching again this year contact Sue on 07813 121 589.

Clifton Tennis Club has frozen its annual membership for yet another year: Junior £15, Intermediate (16 to 21 years) £20, Adult £45 and Family £80.

Clifton Tennis Club is a village club set in a quiet corner of Clifton Playing Field off South Road. The main contacts are:

Chairman, Rod Dolman (A5) 07968 308 290
Treasurer, Lesley Edwards (Rugby Road) 01788 551366
Secretary, Steve Woodford (Shuttleworth Road) 01788 561996
Men’s Team Captain, James Waghorn (South Road) 01788 570794
Mixed/Ladies Team Captain Sue Robinson (North Road) 07813 121 589