Dunlop James Flowers

Dunlop James Flowers
Name: Dunlop James Flowers
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Dunlop James Flowers comes from a background of luxury floristry in London and a love of beautiful flowers, bringing all the knowledge, passion and exceptional customer service to Rugby, Warwickshire and the surrounding counties that you’d expect from years of tending to this demanding and varied marketplace.

Our designs will be dictated by the seasons, displaying beautiful scents in spring, large bright blooms through summer and finishing the year with exquisite berries and foliage. Hoping to share our love for Mother Nature we will design individual arrangements for you.

We love flowers, the wide variety of colours and textures that exist in nature. Even after 10 years in the industry we never stop getting excited when the latest flower delivery arrives…

Phone Number: 07912 604 225
Address: 42 Main St
CV23 0BH