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Bogus Trading Standards Officers warning!

Clifton Neighbourhood Watch Bogus Trading Standards Officers warning!

Warwickshire residents who have been the victim of rogue traders and cowboy builders in the past are warned to beware of visits from bogus Warwickshire Trading Standards Officers.

A householder living on the Coventry/Warwickshire border who had previously been the victim of rogue roofers was approached on her doorstep by a man who falsely claimed to be a Trading Standards Officer. The man showed the householder a false ID badge with a photo on it.

The caller stated that the the rogue traders who had carried out the ‘roofing’ work were now in court being prosecuted. He then said that the householder would be awarded compensation but before this could happen, he needed to make a report/survey which would involve the hiring of equipment costing £5000. The resident was asked to pay this ‘cost’.

The resident did not pay any money.

After the visit, the householder received a phone call from another person again falsely claiming to be a Warwickshire Trading Standards Officer. The bogus caller claimed that the resident was holding up the case by not paying the £5000 and became aggressive! The resident put the phone down.

Warwickshire Trading Standards Service are highly unlikely to visit a consumer’s home unless they have already been asked to by the consumer or a trusted friend or relative.

Warwickshire Trading Standards will NEVER ask a consumer for money.

Consumers should always ask for identification and if in any doubt, phone Warwickshire Trading Standards on a publicly listed telephone number to verify an individual’s identity.

If in doubt, keep your door closed and call the Police

This is the third report of a bogus Trading Standards Officer this year.