Community Safety

Alert – Job Searcher scammed

We have received news of a scam which is being used on people who are job searching.
A gentleman was telephoned with a job lead, he was asked to complete a job application which would be sent to him, the people scamming are saying they are from Job Centre +
After putting down the phone they are immediately phoned back and told that the JC+ worker has made a mistake and sent a parcel to their address by mistake and could they please sign for it and they’ll send a courier over immediately to pick it up and in return they’ll ensure that the gentleman gets an early interview for the job giving them the best opportunity to get the job with a recommendation that they are honest and exceptionally helpful if they complete the application and take it to the interview.
When the parcel arrives the job searcher signed for the parcel and then handed it over to the courier who gives over the application with the address for the interview on.
On attending at the site for the interview the gentleman was advised that there were no jobs being advertised and that someone else had also been scammed in exactly the same way.
On checking his bank account  the gentleman found he had apparently signed for 2 new phones and monthly contracts. The gentleman has now advised the police and the telephone companies.