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Conservation Volunteers Group

volunteersThe Parish Council is seeking volunteers to form a Conservation Group that will take a leading role in the management, improvement, maintenance and promotion of the closed churchyard of St Marys Church and any other public open spaces and amenities for the benefit of parishioners.

The aims of the group will be:

  • to enhance the gateways to the village
  • to protect the biodiversity of the parish both now and in the future.
  • to encourage local people to get involved with ‘hands on’ work parties and activities on the sites
  • to provide and improve access to the sites for the general public, especially local people.
  • to participate in local and national surveys in order to provide a record of the biodiversity of the parish
  • to provide opportunities for education through local involvement with the schools and other community groups

If you are interested in knowing more about this opportunity to get involved then please contact Councillor Lesley Edwards on 07973849335 or email