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Families needed to twin with French families in Evreux

There are already six families in Clifton that twin with families in Evreux and there is a need for another family to twin with the Chaperon family.

Antony and Joanna Chaperon is a French couple in their mid/late thirties with three children who would like to start twinning with a local family. Although they have three children it is likely that it will only be the 7 year old that will join Antony and Joanne for the twinning weekend this year.

The Rugby Evreux Twinning Association has been exchanging with French families in Evreux for well over forty years. We alternate annual visits to French families in Evreux with entertaining them in Rugby. Group visits are arranged to places of interest here and across the channel as well as enjoying hospitality in their respective homes. The next twinning weekend will be a visit to Evreux.

If you would like to know more about twinning with a French family please contact the Association’s chairman, Steve Woodford, on 01788 561996.