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National recognition for Connecting Clifton event

The ‘Connecting Clifton’ event held at the end of February has been recognised nationally by an article in the publication ‘Clerks and Councils Direct magazine.’CC

The magazine is the’go to’ source for information about what is happening in the parish and town councils around Britain.

The unique event was aimed at engaging local residents interested in standing as a Parish Councillor in the May local elections; so to provide an understanding of what the Parish Council does.

However, it was also an opportunity to celebrate the work of many local groups the village, including the Local History and Art groups, WI, St Marys Church, Tennis Club and the Townsend Memorial Hall.

Those who visited the event were also able to speak to representatives of the Association of Local Councils, Rugby Borough Council, the developers of the Rugby Radio mast site, Clifton Primary School, the Police and the local Neighbourhood Watch over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.


It is anticipated that a similar event will be held during 2017, and representative of local groups and residents alike are encouraged to suggest how the event can be improved.