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Proposal to introduce 7.5 tonne limits on various roads

Warwickshir e County Council are proposing to implement a Prohibition of Commercial Vehicles of Over 7.5 Tonnes Order on the followings lengths of road within Clifton upon Dunsmore, Newton and Biggin, Lilbourne, Brownsover and Coton Park, Rugby:
  • Coton Park Drive;
  • Boughton Road;
  • Newton Manor Lane;
  • Newton Road;
  • Main Street, Newton and Biggin;
  • Newton Lane;
  • Newton Road, Newton and Biggin;
  • Newton Road, Clifton upon Dunsmore;
  • Vicarage Hill;
  • Rugby Road;
  • Main Street, Clifton upon Dunsmore;
  • Church Street;
  • Lilbourne Road;
  • Hillmorton Lane;
  • The Kent.
Please find attached copies of the public notice and consultation plan for the proposal.
This scheme is being formally advertised in the local press on Thursday 02 June 2016. Notices will also be put up on site and residents directly affected by the proposals will be informed.
If you wish to make a comment please respond to me, any communication should be received by 24 June 2016.
Mark O’Connell
Principal Engineer
Traffic and Road Safety
Tel: 01926 412889