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Rugby Evreux Twinning Success


This year’s twinning weekend in Evreux was a great success, with around 60 French and English people, of all ages, taking part. The English visitors were welcomed at a reception in Evreux Town Hall on Friday evening by Medhat Samwil, the president of the Evreux twinning association. The English families then went to the homes of their respective French friends to enjoy drinks and dinner.

On Saturday the whole group visited the small seaside resort of Etratat, the location for one of Monet’s paintings. After an excellent lunch in a local restaurant, the highlight of the day was to be a guided tour of the Benedictine Monastery in Fecamp. Unfortunately, the tour was interrupted by a fire alarm and everyone was evacuated from the monastery and spent the remainder of the visit watching the local firemen. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm, but it was then too late to continue the tour and the group returned to Evreux.

On Sunday the English families enjoyed free time with their French hosts at home or visiting local places of interest.

The Rugby Evreux Twinning Association has several families living in Clifton and has been exchanging with French families in Evreux for nearly fifty years. Each year the visits alternate between visiting Evreux and hosting in Rugby.

If you are interested in joining this friendly group which meets regularly throughout the year for social events please contact the chairman Steve Woodford on 01788 561996 who would be pleased to give you more information about the organisation.