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Traveller update

Two parish Councillors have met with the travellers tonight (Sunday) and then discussed the options with the rest of the Parish Councillors. We have an agreement that the travellers will leave on Sunday (the traditional day for movement by travellers). The Parish Council has taken a balanced view on timelines and cost and have decided that this agreement is the cheapest and most effective way forward. It will also mean that recovery trucks won’t be crossing the field and so mitigates any damage to the field.

Parish Councillors will meet again with the travellers tomorrow, accompanied by police. Parish councillors also plan to attend throughout Sunday to ensure that the playing fields are secured immediately upon the travellers’ departure. However, please be assured that we have contingencies in place for Monday should the departure of the travellers not happen.

We understand that, for cultural reasons, the Whitehall Rec travellers would not join those on our playing fields. If there is anything else to inform residents about, we will do this again in a timely fashion.