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Warwickshire Police urge people to enjoy the summer safely!

small-warwickshire (1)Summer has arrived and at last we can enjoy life in the great outdoors!

But a word of warning – as temperatures rise our homes and gardens can become hotspots for criminals, so before you head out take a few minutes to review your home security.

Make sure that gates, fences and walls are kept in good order to stop intruders getting in;

Consider defensive planting – use prickly plants around the perimeter of the garden to deter criminals;

If you are going out into the garden make sure that you lock and secure all doors and windows which are not in view;

Similarly, if you take garden tools out of the shed lock the door behind you to protect what is left inside;

Put things away at the end of the day – don’t leave anything out there which could either be stolen or used to break into your home;

If you go out make sure that you lock up. Don’t be tempted to leave windows ajar to let the air in – you could be letting burglars in too!

Ian King, crime prevention advisor for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, said:

“It’s so easy to become complacent with home security in summer. The sun is shining, you feel relaxed and you think it won’t matter if you leave a window at the back of the house open. But it can matter. There are criminals out there who aren’t as relaxed as you and just waiting for the opportunity to make off with your goods. Don’t make it easy for them – lock up.”