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Walking with the wounded – Tuesday 13 October 2015

Six veterans, Three months, Over 1,000 miles…..One goal

WWTWThe Walk of Britain expedition will see six wounded veterans walk over 1,000 miles through mainland UK throughout August, September and October this year. The Walk will engage with local communities and the media every day to highlight the extraordinary determination of our wounded personnel and to raise awareness of the work that Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) is doing across the country to support the wounded back into independence through long term employment.

They are due to complete day 53 in Rugby, well actually in the Official England 2015 Rugby World Cup Fanzone (one of only 3 in the country that will be operating for the duration of the knock out stages). Although details and timings are a little sketch at present – this is the latest programme.

To tempt and encourage interest a certain HRH has appeared at several destinations, especially where linked to Rugby World Cup, so ……

There will be a welcome at the William Webb Ellis Statue and World Cup displays at Lawrence Sheriff Street circa 3 to 3:30pm (this is roughly the time we have been advised)
They will be welcomed and joined be by a contingent of 4 Parachute Regiment (our local Reservist unit) and Rugby School Cadet Force, plus the public that may gather (it is currently being widely promoted by our local radio station Rugby FM).
The Police will assist in allowing the Party to cross into the town and walk/march through the town centre and market place (pedestrianised), where by co-incidence 4 Para will have a pre-arranged recruiting stand, past the town church, across the road (assisted by the police) in to Castle Street. At Castle Street they group will be met by a Piper from Rugby School and piped along this short pedestrianised road in to the entrance of our Fan zone. It is possible that a Fire Appliance may be also at the entrance (subject to operational demands) to give a “Blues & Twos” salute.
The group will enter the Fanzone under the giant inflatable Rugby posts and cross the activation area, which we hope will be filled with members of the public, etc. This short walk will involve a trumpet fanfare.

The group and everyone that is hopefully following along will then enter the fanzone building (it can hold over 1000 people) to be greeted by the Mayor, Cllr Richard Dodd who will say a few words and provide opportunity for someone from WWTW to encourage people to empty pockets and wallets for the cause.

It would be great to fill the town, Castle Street and the Fanzone with public, schools, uniformed groups, Veterans, etc.

Any groups with Standards (e.g. Royal British Legion, regiments, associations, scouts, cadets, churches, faith groups, etc. ) welcomed and can line the route into the fanzone structure. Please encourage anyone and everyone to come along

The entrance into the building will be to a local World Cup anthem by a local group, involving school choirs call Lions Roar.

The core team of four British wounded veterans and two US wounded will be joined by other wounded personnel each week in different parts of the country. The wounded service personnel all have either physical or cognitive injuries sustained in the line of duty.
The Walk started on 22nd August in Scotland and will finish in London on 1st November, going via the North East, North West, Wales, Midlands, South West, South East and East Anglia, finishing on The Mall and at Buckingham Palace.

You can find out more regarding the expedition and see the route here