• To protect the biodiversity of the parish both now and in the future.
  • To encourage local people to get involved with ‘hands on’ work parties and activities on the sites.
  • To provide and improve access to the sites for the general public, especially local people.
  • To participate in local and national surveys in order to provide a record of the biodiversity in the parish, where appropriate.
  • To provide opportunities for education through local involvement with schools, youth and other community groups.

Projects in the pipelin

  • Newton Road – a potential wild flower bank by the Glebe Allotments
  • Funeral Bier Restoration
  • St Mary’s Churchyard – Fence Restoration
  • Pocket park – clearance of ivy and brambles. (in consultation with Orbit Housing)
  • Church Street and Lions Path – clearing back of footpaths
  • Half yearly litter pick – November 2016
  • Planting 600 Crocus bulbs – donated by Rugby Rotary Club

If you are interested in knowing more about this opportunity to get involved then please contact Lesley Edwards.