Neighbourhood Watch Update - January 2021

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January 6, 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Update - January 2021

At the time of writing there was one reported crime in our area during the last period: Theft in Whiley Close.

Please observe the speed limit in the 20 mph zone that is in place throughout most of the village; if you keep to it then strangers driving through our village are more likely to observe it as well.

The police are reminding residents to lock their cars even if they are only left unattended for a few minutes. Do not leave your cars unattended when you are running them to defrost the windows. The police are also advising people to lock their cycles when not in use.

Please park in a way that would enable a fire engine to drive along your street/road. If the fire appliance “cannot get through it cannot get to you”.

The police continue to give warnings about criminals using eMails, phone calls, social media etc. to encourage you to part with your money, bank account details or your personal information.

All households in the village are covered by Clifton NHW so there is no need to apply for membership. However, if you would like to know more or take an active part in Clifton NHW please contact Steve Woodford.

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