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Report from Clifton Neighbourhood Watch – February 2019

At the time of writing there were 2 crimes in the vicinity of South Road where items were stolen from vehicles on 21st January 2018. More recently several properties in North Rd were burgled, access being gained from the rear of the properties.

The Clifton Community Speed Watch team has been monitoring the speed of traffic though the village. Newton Rd (30 mph section), 100 vehicles checked; one doing 35 mph, another probably exceeding the limit, but details of the vehicle could not be taken.

Please remember to observe the 20 mph speed limit throughout the 20 mph zone in Clifton; this includes Lilbourne Rd, Hillmorton Ln, Newton Rd, Main St, Rugby Rd, North Rd, South Rd etc.

At a recent meeting of Rugby NHW in the Benn Hall the police said that even minor incidents should be reported to the police on 101 (Emergency to 999) as one small bit of information could link with other reports and give the police the lead they need to make an arrest. They also said there are “Holiday Boxes” available on a loan basis from the police which contain light timers, radio timers, TV lights giving the impression that a TV is on in the house.

Make sure your home is secure and ensure any valuables, including keys, are out of sight. If you are away or out for the night use light, TV, Radio timers to suggest there is someone at home.

You can receive details of crimes in Clifton by joining the police Community Messaging Service. You will receive eMails from the police from time to time to make you aware of crimes in Clifton, details of local scams and fraudulent activity, crime prevention advice etc. To join this service go to;

Please remember the MOBILE POLICE STATION is available for you in Lilbourne Rd from 11.00am to 12.00 noon on specific dates. The next one will be advertised on the village notice boards.

All households in the village are covered by Clifton NHW so there is no need to apply for membership. However, if you would like to know more or take an active part in Clifton NHW please contact Chairman David Glover on 01788 535574